On Imperfections & Healing…

Sometimes the ones we love the most hurt us and it feels like the end of the world–for a couple of days, a week or however long it takes you to come to terms with what has happened. 
But I’ve come to find that the pain lessens, either to a dull throb when you hear their name or see them, or for a lucky few, a complete disappearance. 
And it happens not because the world is out to get you, or because a convoluted web of karma has finally reached your quarters, but because it wants to teach you that humans are not perfect, that your lover or best friend isn’t an angel. That, like everyone else, they’ve got weaknesses and every so often their loyalty to you isn’t strong enough to hold them back from their weaknesses. 
They buckle, bowing to their susceptibilities. 
And you hurt.
But you’ll learn that humans are fallible, and nothing about us is perfect.
So allow yourself to hurt. Don’t try to hide it, 
for one thing I know is certain;
the wounds don’t hurt forever. 


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