It starts out simply enough, a kind word, a confidence-boosting compliment, 

a helping hand 

or simply, showing interest in your life. 

It’s new, it’s different, but it’s welcome. 

So you embrace it.

Understandably, in the beginning you’re unsure…hesitant.

This must be surreal, 

a parallel life, surely.

Someone in love with you?

You repulsive, unwanted thing?

He doesn’t ask for your heart, but you give it anyway, 

Sure, he pays you no mind in the day, 

while everyone’s eyes are trained on him.

But at night? 

Oh, when night falls his compass finds you 

You think,”This is what he must want;

why he’s here now”,

And like that, all is forgiven 

You’re bewitched by him as he comes, whispering sweet nothings to you

Saying he’s drawn to you, that you’re different from the others,

right before he climbs on top and allows you to guide himself into you. 

You’re peaking, so you cast away your reservations and inhibitions;

Intrusive, unwanted things.

Everything mocks you now

The elements, the woman in the mirror,

the devil on your shoulder. 

You’re worn and weary, once again, for you left your garden in the care of a man who was only looking to piss on your flowers.

The man you loved has finished with you,

moved to his next conquest

And flung you aside; 

a dirty, unwanted thing.


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